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Our activities

Focusing on fun

Activities through the week

We provide a wide range of different structured activities for children through the week. 

We ensure that we offer an all inclusive curriculum making sure we rotate sessions so all children get the opportunity to participate. We use our fundraising through the year to supplement the cost of these activities so that they can be provided at little or no extra cost

Some of the enhanced activities we offer include:

  • Dance Box

  • Outdoor Cosmic Yoga

  • Norwegian Woodland sessions

  • Annual theatre trip

  • Offsite visits to local farms and the surround area 


Music is a way for children to express their ideas and feelings. We bring music into the setting in lots of ways: singing, musical instruments and even musical theatre! We also have Miss Dawn from Dancebox visit us weekly for a dance class at no extra cost to parents.

We believe that every child should have the opportunity to explore the arts and discover their unique voice. Our goal is to provide your child with the skills and resources to reach their full potential.


We understand that physical activity is critical for a child's growth and physical development. At The Valley Preschool, we ensure that our children have lots of opportunities to play in ways that help children develop their gross motor skills, coordination, and balance. As well activities such as yoga, dance and games we are co-sited with Meonstoke Infants School and are able to access their grounds for more structured physical education sessions and an annual Sports Day. 

We also are situated in the South Downs National Park (an area of outstanding natural beauty) and make the most of this with lots of different ways to explore and have adventures.

Communication & Language

We focus on supporting our children to build their confidence in using their language and to develop  their communication skills.

In our Chatterbox Sessions we take small groups of children to play language games and practice phonic sounds - through these sessions and other  strategies such as storytelling and role-playing we see a real boost in children language skills and self esteem. We want to make language learning fun and engaging for children.


We use a range of different approaches to help our children understand the foundations of simple mathematic skills such as shape recognition, pattern recognition and understanding size. Our emphasis is on supporting our children to develop their curiosity with the world, to help with the transition from preschool to more formal school setting

Outside Play

Our small, rural setting offers incredible outdoor spaces for children to learn through play. We believe that outdoor play is essential for a child's physical, social, and emotional development. Our outside play program incorporates activities such as gardening, nature walks, and free play that encourage children to explore and learn from the natural world.

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